“If you find it hard to defend your true self… I’ll be your shield.”

In the shimmering world of high fashion, ‘Hong Yok’ conceals her scarred face in the shadows, grappling not just with external imperfections but also with the internal scars of a past that haunts her—a haunting reality that fuels her struggle with PTSD.

Even if her own team believes she’s unfit for the spotlight, destiny takes a twist when she measures up a royal lady in an aloha shirt – M.R. Netapsorn Ruthaithewin, or Lady Note. Rumors swirl that no designer has ever met her, and Hong Yok can’t ignore the memories and mysteries in Note’s eyes.

What happened in their shared history, a decade ago? Hong Yok can’t escape the suspicion that Note holds the key to unraveling the secrets behind her scar. Yet, the more she yearns to be near Note, the more she feels an unspoken protection—a shield against the sinister forces that lurk in the merciless corners of the fashion world. In this relentless pursuit of beauty, can Hong Yok navigate the complexities of her past and discover a love that transcends limitations?

Author : zezeho

Size: A5

Pages: 368

Pre-order : Now – 04/07/2024



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