Hera, the queen of goddesses, is divorcing Zeus at last. But things aren’t going as smoothly as they sound. Despite being the rival of the goddess of beauty and love, Hera needs Aphrodite’s help to cut the red thread of fate that ties her to Zeus. But instead of doing her job like she should, Aphrodite gives Hera an Eros to assist her, an annoying one. How on earth would an Eros do any good when she’s trying to divorce?

“How could you handle the humans’ marriages for hundreds of years when you don’t even know love?”

“Marriage doesn’t need love, little bug.”

“You’re calling me a bug?!”

“Yes, a bug. You fly around and pierce people with those arrows. What else could you be?”

CW: Cheating / Divorce / Mentions of sexual assault / Mentions of forced marriage / Mentions of toxic relationship / Violence

Author: maiwang?

Size: 5.5 x 8.5

pages: 329


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  • standy

pre-order closes: 30/11/2023

delivery : within January

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